Celebrant-led weddings at unlicensed venues

Celebrant-led weddings refer to weddings where a celebrant performs the ceremony instead of a religious official or government-authorised officiant.

In some countries, celebrants are required to be licensed or registered with a governing body in order to perform weddings legally. However, if a venue is not licensed for weddings, a celebrant-led ceremony may still be held there as long as the venue allows it and the couple follows any applicable laws and regulations.

And the best part? You can do it in any venue you want!

Say goodbye to stuffy, traditional wedding venues and hello to unique, quirky, and personal spaces that hold special meaning to you and your love story.

Want to get hitched in a castle? Go for it!

Want to say “I do” in your favourite park? Why not!

With a celebrant-led wedding, the world (or at least the venue of your choice) is your oyster!

So, let your love lead the way and plan the wedding of your dreams, wherever and however you want it.

David Nazaruk

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